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5 Signs You Should Not Accept a Job Offer

March 22, 2016

You’ve interviewed for a position and, on the surface, the job is a perfect match.  But you have noticed a few red flags during the interview that cause you to hesitate about accepting a job offer. Are these issues important or not?  Let’s look at five warning signs that indicate it may be better to continue your job search.


Sign # 1:  Interviewer Complains About Their Current Staff

Just as you shouldn’t bad mouth your current or former employers, it’s never a good sign when your interviewer is criticizing his current staff.  When this occurs, either your future co-workers will drive you crazy with their ineptness, or your future boss is a domineering tyrant.  Regardless of the reason, it’s probably best to leave this company in your rearview mirror.


Sign #2: The Interviewer Oversells the Opportunity

Everyone has heard the phrase, “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is!”  When you are promised rapid promotion, easy success, and the ability to double or triple your starting salary in your first year, you need to question the long-term potential of the position.  If the interviewer spends little time asking you about your qualifications, and if she is vague about the job duties, those are definite red flags. Typically, overselling means that the company experiences rapid turnover and the interviewer is desperate to recruit as many new hires as possible.  Unless you are in need of some quick cash to get you through a tough time, keep looking.


Sign #3:  The Same Job is Advertised Over and Over Again

Another sign that there will be trouble with a position is if the same opportunity is advertised over and over again.  There are reasons why a job remains open or doesn’t stay filled.  Does the hiring manager have unrealistic expectations?  Is the compensation competitive?  Is it a bad work environment?  Even if you haven’t seen the opening advertised repeatedly, here are a couple of good questions to ask your interviewer:  “How long has this position been open?” and “What is the average tenure of someone in this position?”  Your recruiter’s answers will help you determine whether or not this is a high-turnover job.


Sign #4: The Employees Act Nervous Around the Boss

Most managers can display a warm and welcoming demeanor during the interview, making it difficult to tell if your interviewer is being genuine or if he is hiding his true colors.  However, his employees have seen his real personality so you can learn a lot from their interactions with him.  Do they avoid eye contact?  Do they act nervous or fidgety when he speaks to them?  Do they walk the other way when they see him coming?  If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, there’s a good chance that the manager isn’t as personable as he appears.


Sign #5: The Employees Look Unhappy

You can tell a lot about a company by the energy, body language and facial expressions of its employees.  As you walk by, do the employees look content and do they give you a warm welcoming smile, or do they look like they are trudging through their days?  If you work at this company, these are the people with whom you will be spending the bulk of your days.  If it’s a depressing atmosphere, than it probably isn’t the right fit for you.


In Conclusion…


It may be tempting to jump at a job offer if you like the responsibilities, but it is important to consider the whole picture, especially if you are looking for a career.  Keep in mind, accepting the wrong position will likely prevent you from finding the right one.  So if you notice one or more of these signs, it may be better to keep looking rather than put yourself in the wrong situation.


Have you seen other signs during an interview that made you decide against the opportunity?  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section.


If you’re ready to find an exciting new position in the Cleveland area, let the experienced team at Area Professionals help fast track your job search. Contact our expert recruiters today.

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10 Interview Thank You Note Tips That May Land You the Job

November 09, 2015

You did it! You nailed your latest job interview and you are confident that the recruiter will be extending a job offer. You leave the company on an emotional high with a smile on your face. You think to yourself, “I have this job in the bag.” It is a great feeling to know that you may have found the perfect position. But, regardless of how great of a match you are for the opportunity, you can still lose to the competition if you don’t send a thank you note to your interviewer.


According to a Career Builder survey and infographic, 22% of employers are less likely to hire a candidate if they do not send a thank you note. Furthermore, 86% of recruiters believe that not sending a thank you note shows a lack of good follow-through skills. So, sending a well-composed thank you note may be what you need to convince the interviewer you are the perfect hire. Here are 10 tips for writing a great thank you note. 


Tip #1:  Mail or Email? Send Both

To make sure you cover all bases, send both an emailed and a handwritten thank you note, especially if you don’t know your interviewer’s preference. If you send both, the recruiter will receive your emailed note shortly after the interview, and you will have the personal touch of a handwritten note that will arrive a few days later, keeping you top-of-mind. 


Tip #2: Send the Right Kind of Card

Make sure your handwritten note is composed on a fold-over, professional note card. Do not use cards with informal art designs on the cover, such as animals or flowers, or one-piece, heavy stock cards that are traditionally used for short notes and invitations. 


Tip #3:  Make it Personal

The worse kind of thank you note is one that is canned where the reader knows you send the same note to everyone. To make it more meaningful, mention a topic that was discussed in the interview.  For instance, you may write, “It was great speaking to you today. I really enjoyed hearing about…”


Tip #4: Show Your Value

Provide additional value to the note by giving more detail as to why you should be hired, citing specific examples of how your past performance will make you a great fit for the company.


Tip #5: Send a Note to Everyone Who Interviewed You

If you had more than one interviewer, send a note to each individual. However, don’t send the same note to every person. For instance, if you were interviewed by the department manager and the HR manager, you can focus the note to the department manager on why you would be a great fit for his/her team. In contrast, the note to the HR manager may center on why you would be the right match for the company.


Tip #6: Include Relevant Content

When sending a thank you note via email, you can provide links to articles, videos or your own published content that complement the topics discussed in the interview. Doing so will show that you are someone who is taking the initiative and will impress the manager, especially since few candidates will take this step.


Tip #7: Fix any Interview Mistakes

Re-evaluate the interview while it is fresh in your mind. Ask yourself, “Is there any question where I could have given a better answer?” If so, the thank you note is a great place to clarify or re-work any of your subpar answers.


Tip #8: Did You Leave Anything Out?

If you missed mentioning a relevant point about your background that is pertinent to the position, you can discuss it in the thank you letter. Tie the point into tip #4, “Show Your Value,” as an additional reminder that you are the best candidate. 


Tip #9: Send One Even if You Didn’t Get the Job

If the recruiter informs you that you are not being considered for the next step, still send a note. The follow-up note is a great way to ask if there are any other available positions that may match your experience. If you continue to sell your strengths, you will keep the door open to other possibilities.


Tip #10: Be Timely

A quick turnaround time will show the interviewer that you are not a procrastinator. Typically, emailed thank you notes should be sent within a few hours of the interview and mailed notes should be sent within a day.


In Conclusion…

Neglecting to send a post-interview thank you note is akin to serving a cake without the frosting. No matter how good the cake tastes, it just isn’t as appealing without the icing on top. To differentiate you from other candidates, make sending a well-composed thank you note a standard part of the interview process.  


Feel free to share any of your own thank you note tips in the comments section.


If you’re ready to find an exciting new position in the Cleveland area, let the experienced team at Area Professionals help fast track your job search. Contact our expert recruiters today.

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5 Signs It's Time to Leave Your Job

September 01, 2015

Typically, making the decision to leave your current job to take on a new opportunity is a difficult one; and, it is one that shouldn’t be made impulsively. However, if you are reading this post, chances are you are contemplating such a move. To help you determine if making a change is the right choice, here are five signs that is time to leave your job. If most of these signs apply to you, it is time to start looking.


Sign # 1:  Your Skills Are Underutilized

Do you have more to offer your company, but you are not given the opportunity to showcase what you can do? If requests to take on additional responsibility fall on deaf ears, it may be time to re-evaluate your ability to grow in your organization. In the long-run, if you are being underutilized, you will not be satisfied with your job, and promotions and salary increases will be limited. Landing a position that will give you the chance to use all of your tangible and intangible skills is the best solution.


Sign #2: Your Health Is Affected by Work Stress

There have been numerous studies that link stress to mental and physical health problems, including insomnia, depression and heart disease. If you are constantly stressed at work and have difficulty leaving the stress behind when you go home, you are putting your future well-being at risk. Keep in mind, a job can be replaced, but your health cannot.


Sign #3:  You Lack Passion

Do you wake up in the morning for work excited about what you plan on accomplishing that day? Grant it, being excited about work every day may be unrealistic, but in general, you need to feel a satisfaction with what you do for a living and for what you achieve on a daily basis. If you are just going through the motions, you will not perform to your full potential. You owe it to yourself, and your company who isn’t getting your best effort, to find something more meaningful.


Sign #4: There Are Ethical/Moral Differences

Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean it is ethical. If your standard of ethics is being compromised by your boss or the company culture, it’s an uncomfortable workplace setting at best. Usually, the company’s moral compass is deeply rooted in the organization, so it is unlikely that the standards will change anytime soon.


Sign #5: You Don’t Like Your Co-Workers/Boss

You don’t need to be friends with your co-workers and your boss, but you need to have a harmonious working relationship. If you do not respect them or if your personalities clash to the point that drama, not work, is the daily focus, you are in a dysfunctional and non-productive environment. Without a staffing overhaul, it is unlikely that this situation will improve.


In Conclusion…

Do these signs apply to you? If so, it is time to find greener pastures. To make the right match, create a list of what you do and don’t like about your current position, such as company culture, job responsibilities, compensation, perks and benefits, and compare new opportunities to these hot buttons. Also, it is best to have another job in the pipeline before leaving your present one. Finally, regardless of how you feel about your current employer, make sure you don’t burn bridges. Leaving on bad terms is never a good idea.


Feel free to share any of your own signs that it’s time to leave your job in the comments section.

If you’re ready to find an exciting new position in the Cleveland area, let the experienced team at Area Professionals help fast track your job search. Contact our expert recruiters today.

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